Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the FoundryX Forum?

The FoundryX Forum is a Question/Answer community for members of the FoundryX network to connect and interact with one another. At the very least, this objective behind the FoundryX Forum is to provide a feedback engine for those participating in FoundryX, but we also hope that it will allow talented individuals to connect with one another and form relationships as mentors, advisors, c-suite talent, first employees, angel investors and even cofounders.

How is a Question/Answer community different from a typical forum?

A Question/Answer community is different from a typical forum because it focuses on finding answers to the questions of its members. A typical forum, by contrast, operates more like a discussion group, where people are free to give their opinions and topics tend to be more subjective.

By keeping a laser focus on questions and answers, this community ensures that finding answers to existing questions - and getting answers to new questions - can be done without any distractions.

What kinds of questions can I ask here?

Most importantly - questions should be relevant to this community. All questions related to helping a startup move the needle are more than welcome here. Before you ask, though, do a quick search for a similar question. You can search for questions by their title, content, or tags.

What kinds of questions should be avoided?

Please avoid asking questions that are not relevant to this community, are too subjective or argumentative. Anything deemed to be outright solicitation will be removed, and may cause your account to be revoked.

Welcome to FoundryX Forum!

Ask and answer questions of the FoundryX community to benefit yourself and others! Need help participating or connecting with others? Email Mike Asem -